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Design, build, analyze, and ship digital products from a single unified platform with Team Labs.

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Design, Build, Check, Ship.

Team Labs is the platform for developers and designers to collaboratively design, build and deploy their digital products in the cloud.

Real-Time Teamwork

Designed to facilitate the seamless flow of ideas and let teams create together.

In The Cloud

Everything is ready to go when you areβ€”no time wasted downloading large patches.


Complete Freedom

Modularity and plugins mean that you work around your processes, not your tools.


Design Stunning Interactive Prototypes. πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸŽ¨

Draw empowers teams to design beautiful digital products through a simple, powerful and collaborative tool.

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Build Amazing Software Collaboratively. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Code is a powerful, cloud-based IDE that enables developers to craft anything, from native apps to cloud solutions.

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Test and Debug Code Effortlessly. 🐞

Check automates testing and debugging, and makes analyzing and understanding your code easier.

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Review and Ship Your Code Seamlessly. πŸš€

Deploy brings powerful Git and codebase management capabilities to the collaborative code review process.

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Democratizing CI/CD.

The Team Labs platform is built on the principles of CI/CD and modularity. Through its open platform and accessible integration builder, Team Labs offers an ecosystem your entire team can rely on. πŸ¦„

Design and Build, Together 🀝

Modular Workflows
Modular Workflows

Workflow Maker makes creating your workflows a breeze with an integration marketplace and a simple integration builder.

Cloud Application
Runs In The Cloud

Team Labs is cloud-based - features like Save Everywhere ensures you won't lose your work even if you go offline.

Realtime Collaboration
Real-Time Teamwork

Work with your team in designs, coding and reviews. The platform facilitates secure and seamless collaboration in every aspect of work.

Access Pass
Access Passes

Give your co-workers access to your design or code and get real feedback, or just invite them to edit with you. Make sharing transparent and simple.

Analyze Performance
Analyze and Gain Insights

Analyze everything from quality of code to time spent on a specific function. Gain valuable insights that can help your team shine.

Built-In CI/CD

Take advantage of many integrations with third-party apps, cloud platforms and services like AWS, Trello and GitHub.

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